Welcome to our monthly performance report for May, where is this year going?

I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the hosting costs of Kilmovee Info, so far. I believe this will be met by your generosity soon, but to ensure that I don’t have to ‘beg’ in the future I will be running a few fundraisers over the year (mainly online) just like the Last Man Standing (click here to join) it’s only €10 in and will make the Euro’s just that little more interesting. Please join and share. I also have a raffle planned over the month of August!

Personally I feel that Kilmovee Info needs to remain free to use, but if funds are not available to cover running costs a subscription may have to be an option. I will when there is a regular income set up a dedicated bank, CU or post office account and publish the sites accounts yearly to ensure transparency. If you’d like to contribute via PayPal please click here (no account needed). You can also donate via our Go Fund Me page

Over the last couple of weeks I have been testing some bits under the hood to optimize the website, including the use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) in an effort to reduce costs, testing will continue over next couple of weeks. (You may notice some strange behavior throughout the site)

How Kilmovee Info did in May :

  • 30 articles published
  • 4,674 page views
  • 6 emails answered/forwarded
  • 89 hours spent updating site (including attending events)

General Stats:

  • Over 1,000 articles published on the site
  • Facebook at 687, Twitter at 576 and Google+ 29
  • 4,000+ pictures available in over 100 Albums on our Flickr
  • Now on Instagram
  • 1 Hour of downtime recorded

Kilmovee Info continues to grow, first 5 months of 2016: 33,942 page views and as you can see by the viewing figures the site is truly an asset to the parish & community, it’s diaspora, community groups, clubs and organisations in getting your news and information out fast and to hundreds of people a day.

Just a quick reminder to please keep spreading the word to your family & friends about Kilmovee Info and don’t forget to share the site on all the social networks & don’t forget to keep using the hashtags #kilmovee #kilkelly #urlaur #glann on social networks to help me find news and information from around the parish. And to keep sending us your events, news and information.

Please donate via our Go Fund Me page, or Paypal & don’t forget to get involved in our Last Man Standing… Thank you once again to you all for your continued support, news and for visiting Kilmovee Info to keep up to date with what’s happening in our community.