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Kilmovee Info Performance Report – March 2016

Welcome to our performance report for March and the first quarter of 2016.

Before I get to the figures which will amaze you, let me give you a little background to why Kilmovee Info came about:

I blew in just before the ‘Celtic Tiger’ started to choke on an almighty fur ball, following my parents here. They were welcomed into the community and attended many events and brought me along to many thing whilst I was visiting on holidays. When I finally moved over I too was welcomed in to the community and I got stuck into volunteering around the place first at Urlaur Utd Youths, Kilmovee table tennis club, Kilmovee Bingo and attended the Community Council meetings. I was only here 18 months or so when I proposed the idea of a community website to a few raised eye brows… but it was accepted as a trial. After a couple of years I thought it would have grown a little, but I was already having to pay out more as hosting requirements increased and various licenses needed to be renewed. Late December 2012 I moved to the current format of the website, for ease of updates as more people used the site and more information was being sent in.

The last three years the viewing figures have grown steadily from a little over 43,000 in 2013 to 62,300+ last year. This has taken its toll already on a personal laptop which visitors to the site and community groups assisted me to replace and the cost of hosting has more than doubled once again you our visitors, regular users and community groups have contributed towards covering most of the expense, but this is an ongoing cost that will need to be met, to ensure that Kilmovee Info remains online and is reliable.

In 2013 I borrowed a camera and attended the Kilmovee 10k that year in an effort to bring a new aspect to the site, photos from events around the parish and surrounding areas. After I saw the popularity of the photos I invested in a Canon T2i camera (secondhand but not cheap) and have attended as many events as possible since indoor, outdoors and in all

Just 9 of the 3,900+ pictures on Kilmovee Info

weather conditions. The result is over 3,900 photos over on the flickr page, most of which are now on Kilmovee Info, that works out about 105 photos a month in the 36 months since I started snapping. But, once again it’s taken it’s toll and I had a malfunction on the camera while attending this years Kilmovee 10k. I managed to use a second lens but I fear reliability is only temporary. I have posted about this and set up a donation form if you’re able to assist in funding a new/replacement camera and to cover the cost of hosting. 

Kilmovee Info continues to grow, and as the quarterly viewing figure will show the site is an asset to the parish & community, it’s community groups, clubs and organisations. Getting your news and information out fast and to hundreds of people a day.

Please keep spreading the word to your family & friends about Kilmovee Info and don’t forget to share us on all the social networks too & don’t forget to keep using the hashtags #kilmovee #kilkelly #urlaur #glann on social networks to help find news and information from around the parish.

How Kilmovee Info did in March :

  • 33 articles published
  • 15,887 page views
  • 12 emails answered/forwarded
  • 99 hours spent updating site (including attending events)

First 3 months of 2016: 23,858 page views +40% on same period 2015

General Stats:

  • Over 1,000 articles published on the site
  • Facebook at 644 (+45), Twitter at 559 (+8) and Google+ 29
  • 3900 pictures available in over 90 Albums on our Flickr
  • Now on Instagram
  • 37 minutes of downtime recorded

Why not add your events for free to our super new Guide to Events for whats on in and around Kilmovee (Mayo & Ireland, it’s open to all to add to)!

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I established Kilmovee Info in 2009 which has now become the #1 point of contact for many community groups & clubs from the Parish. Along with news & information about whats happening Kilmovee Info attends events and publishes photos here and across our social media. #kilmovee

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