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Kilmovee Info Performance Report – April 2016

Just a quick reminder to please keep spreading the word to your family & friends about Kilmovee Info and don’t forget to share us on all the social networks too & don’t forget to keep using the hashtags #kilmovee #kilkelly #urlaur #glann on social networks to help find news and information from around the parish. And to keep sending us your events, news and information.

Kilmovee Info continues to grow, first 4 months of 2016: 29,192 page views and as you saw in the quarterly viewing figures last month the site is truly an asset to the parish & community, it’s diaspora, community groups, clubs and organisations in getting your news and information out fast and to hundreds of people a day.

Talking about Kilmovee Info on FB
Talking about Kilmovee Info on FB

Our facebook page has a totally organic (no paid adverts) following too and recently I discovered some pretty amazing figures about the number of people talking about us, I don’t normally search for #kilmovee info so hadn’t noticed this before….

All this makes this next part all the harder, in my latest editors blog I set out the financial status of Kilmovee Info and impact on myself since September 2009 and my embarrassment in having to keep asking for support when things go wrong with equipment or when hosting is due (every 6 months). I love running the site and getting feedback, receiving emails, seeing the numbers of visitors grow, the impact of how it reaches people and how it has put a small village & parish on the world wide web map. With all this in mind and with hosting due in June, May is a crucial month for Kilmovee Info if funds (and a reserve) can’t be sourced hosting will not be renewed and the site will close in June.

(A unique fundraiser idea for Kilmovee Info has been proposed by Jerry Towey for the end of May but I will need your assistance, sponsorship and attendance, if you’re interested please contact me on [email protected])

How Kilmovee Info did in April :

  • 31 articles published
  • 5,574 page views
  • 3 emails answered/forwarded
  • 69 hours spent updating site (including attending events)

General Stats:

  • Over 1,000 articles published on the site
  • Facebook at 673 (+29), Twitter at 568 (+9) and Google+ 29
  • 4,000+ pictures available in over 100 Albums on our Flickr
  • Now on Instagram
  • No downtime recorded

Once again, I sorry to have had to ask/beg for assistance but the future of Kilmovee Info really does rely on your generosity and contributions. A huge thanks to the kind people who have already contributed towards the cost of the replacement camera.

Thank you in anticipation to you all for your continued support, news and for visiting Kilmovee Info to keep up to date with what’s happening in our community.

Donate on our Go Fund Me page here or on our secure donation form below

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I established Kilmovee Info in 2009 which has now become the #1 point of contact for many community groups & clubs from the Parish. Along with news & information about whats happening Kilmovee Info attends events and publishes photos here and across our social media. #kilmovee

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