I have run the site since September 2009 with pride and pleasure (& pressure), this September will be Kilmovee Info’s 10th Birthday 😀

The site up until last year was growing at a phenomenal rate for a small community in North East Mayo, sadly the news submissions are not coming in which has lead to a halt to growth and a severe reversal…

Currently, daily site visits can now be counted on my two hands – down from hundreds a day and thousands a week!

This is due in part to the number of community Facebook pages – some organisations with multiple pages or variations of, community politics? this all meaning my motivation is now at it’s lowest point and to be honest continuing is a struggle – Why should I bother?

I will attend a few events between now and the end of September (around the sites 10th birthday) and at that point, I plan to close the site. I will reverse the membership requirement to view photos before the end of April and cancel all subscriptions of those of you that have assisted with costs at the end of April.

This feels like one of the saddest days of my life having invested so much time and money into a site I feel currently is undervalued by the community – but I will now put my efforts into my new business, which will offer web design, support & tech support. I have also started a Vaping site (vapewizzrd.com) & a CBD site (cbd.vapewizzrd.com) I will also continue to run the kilmovee10k.com website.

I will decide over the next few months what access to grant to the 7,000 photos after the site is closed.

This decision is one of the hardest I have made in years and never felt I would have to make, I have also decided to step away from a number of committees I am on to free up time to allow me to concentrate on growing my new business ventures.

I would like to thank those community groups/organisations and individuals who have always helped out when I found the site stuck financially – I know I am going to get dogs abuse about this decision but this is my final decision.

I will be in touch with people over the coming months re technicalities and tech issues as a result of the closure of Kilmovee Info and any possible ‘knock-on’ effects.

In the meantime please enjoy the coming articles, bulletins and photos from some pretty big events such as the Kilmovee 10k and Urlaur Pattern etc…