Over the next few months new features will be added to Kilmovee Info.

Ready now, you can register for a FREE account on Kilmovee Info – over next few months there will be some great new features introduced for members.

Great for groups, clubs and individuals.

To start you get a flashy profile. Check out mine here, you can choose how much info to display, just click on items on left and fill in the details. (When registering please use a one word username or use the underscore ( _ ) between words, or you’ll get an error)

I have changed my username to Kilmovee and moved the posts to new profile.

When you join you’ll have direct access to pages where you can add events & posts, with hints to help make your post look good!


The event calendar is still available for all to publish items FREE to, but now you can:

Get featured!

For just €30 you will get your event featured above the calendar.

Sell Tickets!

We can now also handle your bookings for a small administration fee:

5% + €0.35 for European cards

Enter a cost and then tick the ‘Allow Bookings’ option when entering your details.

If you allow us to handle your bookings you automatically get ‘Featured’ for free

Payments are secure and card details are not stored on this site. For more information please email me on rupert@kilmovee.info

Please be aware that all submissions will only appear after verification, which could take up to 72 hours.

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More features arriving in the next few months.

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