Have you or your clubs/organisations committee discovered the huge advantage of getting your news out within 24 hours on Kilmovee Info? On average 160+ people a day could see your event, you just can’t afford not too send to us as well as conventional papers & bulletin etc. Why not give it a go, send us an email kilmovee@kilmovee.info Take a look at our figures and see for yourself!

As Kilmovee Info continues to grow there is still room to get more involvement in Kilmovee Info, participants, photographers, bloggers and reviewers from around the parish (especially the younger members of the area) or within the Mayo area, if you would like more information please get in touch (kilmovee@kilmovee.info) or you know someone who might be interested…

Don’t forget to keep using the hashtags #kilmovee #kilkelly #urlaur #glann to help find news and information from around the parish.

How Kilmovee Info did in October:

  • 26 articles published
  • 4484 page views
  • 7 emails answered/forwarded
  • 86 hours spent updating site (including attending events)

General Stats:

  • Over 920 articles published on the site
  • Facebook at 563, Twitter at 516 and Google+ 26
  • 3500 pictures available in over 85 Albums on our Flickr
  • Now on Instagram
  • No downtime
  • Cost of hosting is now €260 per 6 months (your support is still needed)

I am still very confident that we will reach and surpass 60,000 page views for the year. But more can be achieved with your help, so don’t forget to turn on notification’s on facebook so you’re kept up to date, share articles with friends & family and don’t forget to just tell people that we’re here.

I would love to get messages from all our friends living and working abroad during the festive period for people here at home and will publish them around 20th-23rd December use the contact form or kilmovee@kilmovee.info

Our newsletter will return in a couple of weeks so time to sign up and the editors blog will return in the New Year.

And finally, we will have Santa’s progress live on Kilmovee Info as he makes his way delivering billions of presents from Christmas eve, well worth a look!

(Oh, and watch out for our Christmas theme coming soon.)