An Post refuse to offer a decision over future of our Agency

Kilmovee Community Housing Ltd are still waiting for a decision from An Post over their heartless decision to close our agency at short notice which served as a double blow to the community following the sudden death of our post mistress Nuala Hawkins on Tuesday 28th February.

Our Post Office Agency is based uniquely in Kilmovee Community Centre in the heart of Kilmovee.

The costs to An Post was not significant, but the human cost of losing this service is immeasurable – Director

Kilmovee Community Housing Ltd which has subsidized the service over the past 12 years and proudly provides welfare, child allowance and pension payments to many residents in and around the Kilmovee area, many of which are unable to travel to other areas to access payments.

The loss the Post Office Agency will have an impact on our other outreach programs & services as well as a personal, economic & social impact on our users.

The delay in allowing Kilmovee Community Housing Ltd to either reapply for a new Agency or continue to offer the services is a concern to us all in our community.

Rural Ireland is getting decimated with service closures, in Kilmovee we have tried hard to ensure there was a reason to live in the country by developing and continuing to offer services for the residents young & old.

The loss of Nuala & the postal agency is heart-breaking and will have a huge impact on my life – Customer

Nuala’s Loss is irreplaceable and irreversible, but we hope there can be a positive outcome where our long, well established relationship with An Post can be reestablished with the current closure decision being reversed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Kilmovee Community Centre will continue to offer Pay Point where residents can pay their bills and top up their mobile phones, our laundry services and invaluable Meals on Wheels services will continue.

***Official Press Release***

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