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The response has been great so far with mum’s and dad’s looking for information and pre-registering.

But Kilmovee CoderDojo will need volunteers…

There are many ways in which you can volunteer with Kilmovee CoderDojo, whether you are technical or not.

Mentor @ Kilmovee CoderDojo

We’re looking for technically skilled mentors to help out, for a couple of hours a week, helping share their knowledge with local young people.

Whether you are a pro at Python, can write HTML blindfolded or love tinkering with hardware like Raspberry Pis and robotics your knowledge and experience would be welcome at any Dojo! To mentor with CoderDojo please search for your nearest Dojo and contact them directly. Volunteering at a Dojo can be a rewarding experience, and might not require as much as you think. It gives you an opportunity to help kids learn how to code, and an opportunity to learn new skills and technologies.

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Can I volunteer if I’m not technical?

Yes! Dojos are always looking for volunteers to help with a wide array of tasks, from registration and administration through to keeping their website up to date. You should get in touch with your local Dojo if you have skills that you think could help.

Some examples of roles for volunteers:

  • Registration & check In
  • Producing fliers
  • Updating the website
  • Updating the Social Media
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Volunteering for businesses

Volunteering isn’t just for individuals and we would welcome volunteering, in both time and resources, from within businesses and organisations who have the resources to assist the fast track starting of our Dojo. We would encourage businesses to get involved with Kilmovee CoderDojo to help provide venues, food, laptops, belts and badges.

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We can be found on Facebook too! You can also get in touch with me on

Get involved!


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