Kilmovee 10k – Standing The Test of Time

Community & More Makes Kilmovee 10k Great...

Last Saturday, 31st March saw the 9th running of the Kilmovee 10k. Almost 500 people entered this year’s event,  in glorious sunshine.

With more and more events springing up only a few get better & better and only a few keep going. Kilmovee 10k is one of the best-organised events in the West if not the Country.

A small group of people get everything from the online registrations to the porta-loos and the T-shirts and everything needed up to the day sorted, I have to take my hat off to John Roddy (and his family) and Geraldine Duffy (and her family) who in the lead-up go the extra mile (or should that be 10k) putting in 100’s of hours of work to ensure the 10k keeps getting better.

Then, there is also a dedicated army of people who turn out on the day to set up, deal with the registrations, marshal, water station servers, photographers, to serve and prepare and provide the refreshments and those who turn up to keep everyone safe Mayo Civil Defense & An Garda Síochána

And of course, the hundreds of people who turn up to take part from all over the country.

What is it that makes Kilmovee 10k special? All of the above = COMMUNITY.

Whether it’s a late night phone call between Kilmovee and the North Sea or somewhere in Dublin John and his dedication to this event is second to none. This dedication has firmly put Kilmovee on the running map and has raised the profile of our community.

What can you do to help?

It’s simple really, continue to support the event, whether it’s by making sandwiches cooking cookies or taking a few signs out around the county, talking to the local/national radio. Or if you have any speciality or expertise that you think could assist let yourself be known ([email protected])

Saturday, April 20th, 2019 sees the 10th running and this needs to be a BIG ONE! This will really need a community effort, so it will need you to share posts on social media, tell friends and family, visit sports clubs and tell them about it, visit schools and colleges tell them about the Michael McDonnell Shield, sponsor something – everything you see on the day has a cost, invite participants to take part – BE PART OF IT!!

Any of those above will help build on the amazing €50,000+ that has been raised for Mayo Roscommon Hospice over the past 9 years.

Please take a minute to check out the video above and then click on the share button.

Work has already started, with new online registration system currently being developed and tested, along with the website being updated, yes, it is over a year away but a great event like this does not happen overnight.

I write this post in the capacity of Kilmovee Info editor these are my thoughts and do not represent any other person involved in the Kilmovee 10k. 

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