With the progression of technology and the internet the world is now a smaller place…

The largest of the social media site’s Facebook introduced Facebook Live which allows people and pages to broadcast live, effectively allowing everyone to become an RTE or Sky News.

But, you need to have a Facebook profile to know that someone is broadcasting and believe it or not, not everyone has a Facebook account, these folks don’t know you, your organization, event or activity are broadcasting. Until now!

Introducing Kilmovee Live 

Using Facebook’s technology and our little bit of knowledge we’ve combined some code which allows us to broadcast a live video right here on your community website*.

But how will you know there’s a live broadcast on Kilmovee Info? There will be a green notification banner at the top of the homepage, with a link to the ‘Kilmovee – Live‘ page.

What’s more you wont need an account with either Facebook or Kilmovee Info (at this time).

Our first scheduled broadcast will be from the fundraiser in Ballaghaderreen – A Spin & A Tune for Keith on Friday 30th June.

And whats-more from July 1st we can offer this to all groups, clubs, activities and groups who have a Facebook page.

You’ll get a page like ours which will have your latest videos, recent broadcasts and of course a space for your live broadcasts and you will get an announcement banner too, to let people you’re live*.

If you’re interested just send me an email rupert@kilmovee.info and I’ll be in touch with the information I need to make it happen.

*subject to a reliable internet connection at venue