I was in touch with Rupert about the website and the changes he’s encouraging.

Like him, I have in an interest in communications and for the past number of years have maintained our Diocesan Website (www.achonrydiocese.org), the Parish website (www.kilmoveeparish.org) and a personal blog (www.sherlockshome.ie) so I have some awareness of how he might feel working on the Community Site.  The stats and figures say that the sites are visited but often there can be little, if any, personal comment or exchange.  I feel that is what Rupert is attempting to promote.  People getting in touch with people.  I’m all for that!

I titled this piece “hot topic” because work has been on-going in our Parish Church for almost two weeks around the installation of a new electric heating system.  The church, almost 160 years old now is, like a lot of older buildings, difficult to heat.  The hope is that the new system might prove to be an asset and help make our church, which is truly a beautiful church, a place more comfortable to be in and, by extension, more welcoming.

The connection should be made in the coming days and the “power” will tell the story.

I’ll let you know how it works out!

Better again, why not call in and see for yourself.  Always – ALWAYS – welcome.