Over the next 10 months, I will publish regular feedback forms, in order to gain as much feedback as possible as to the viability of Kilmovee Info

This is important so I require as many of you to complete the simple form below as possible. In November 2018 I changed the site to encourage participation, rather than just clicking into Kilmovee Info scrolling through a few photos and disappearing again I have now set it so that to access photos you’ll need a FREE account. But this offers you the opportunity to share, comment and develop a profile much like Facebook (but without the endless amounts of Adverts and of course we don’t pass your info on to anyone… 100% guaranteed)

There is also the option to publish your own blogs, start a group page and so much more…

As I have already stated in previous blog posts if the site (Kilmovee Info) is not used to its full potential I will pull the plug.  Your interaction and feedback is and will be the future of Kilmovee Info.


Feedback January 2019

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