Eir Warns of Phishing (Scam) Email


Customers of Eir, formerly Eircom, have been warned about a new phishing (Scam) email which thousands of people are known to have received yesterday.

The email, which looks authentic and displays the Eir logo, told customers that they were entitled to a refund from the company.

Eir has warned customers to delete the phishing email and not to click on any links contained within.

The fraudulent communication, with an obvious misspelling, said: “After reviewing your account statement we need to refund the billing differencies back to you. We are sorry for any inconvenience!”

Eir Scam

The link, however, takes people to a website with the address e-taxreturns[.]com with a page almost identical to the Eir customer page.

The page then asks customers to select their bank and their credit/debit card details.

An Eir spokeswoman confirmed: “We are aware of a phishing email that is currently being received by Eir customers and other members of the public today.

“We would advise customers to delete the email message immediately and never click on web links contained within such messages or download content associated with the message.

“Customers should never ever disclose any information, particularly personal or financial information, and never respond to calls or messages from an unknown source.”

Eir said that if customers have provided personal bank account or credit card details, they should contact their bank immediately to advise that their details have been compromised.

“Their individual financial institution will be in a position to advise regarding cancelling bank or credit cards,” Eir said.

The company has also confirmed it has updated its customer channels with the information regarding the new email.


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