I’ve spoken before about volunteering just giving a little time, I’d like to talk about something I heard on the radio this past week. I tend to only listen to music and general chit-chat/banter and when it comes to the ad’s I seen to develop selective hearing (just like most people who listen to the radio).

But on this occasion something tweaked my interest…  It wasn’t the usual annoying “Go Harvey – we’ve another sale Norman”, nor was it Virgin Media teasing me about the mega broadband they cant offer me or anyone outside the cities… But an ad looking for people to make a difference in their own community. ChangeX.

ChangeX is a platform to bring together people like you and me, who may have an idea about starting a project in the community to get people involved and supplying the know-how and the contacts to actually make it happen. After all the first step is usually the hardest to complete.

Find the best social innovations to improve your community, connect with like-minded people and have a bigger impact together.

Even when you know what the solution is, the planning, figuring out the resources needed and a way to make it work can leave most ideas on the drawing board. For most rural communities, such initiatives fall on the people themselves but

That’s the aim of ChangeX, a non-profit entity which wants to bridge the gap between communities and ideas that will help improve lives.

What can you do? Can you give an hour a week to a group/club/organisation?

Last year I had read an article about CoderDojo and I even think I saw something on ‘Nationwide’, and was all for setting a Dojo up in Kilmovee for young people (7-17) to learn coding, but time restraints and not really knowing where to start kind of put me off… Fast Forward to early 2016 and having visited the ChangeX website I came across the ‘Browse Innovations’ and a section about CoderDojo.

I clicked the ‘interested’ button and within the hour I had an email then within a couple of days a call from Aidan at ChangeX and I had been pointed in the right direction to start our very own CoderDojo.

Over the last few weeks I have registered Kilmovee CoderDojo with the CoderDojo Foundation and have started to receive registrations* from young people interested in coding, secured a venue and have had a number of inquires about mentoring/volunteering.

There will be an update about the progress of the NEW Kilmovee CoderDojo within the next few days but in the meantime to find out more and what you can do to assist check out these articles.

Support Needed For Kilmovee CoderDojo

Kilmovee CoderDojo – Volunteer


*Register with CoderDojo – https://zen.coderdojo.com/register – then login to the website, search Kilmovee or click –https://zen.coderdojo.com/dojo/ie/kilmovee/kilmovee-1