Firstly, thanks to the individuals & clubs, groups & organisations that have contributed so far. Almost halfway now….

Hosting is vital to ensure the site stays online, the photos make up such a huge part of Kilmovee Info keeping you our users, residents & the diaspora informed about our community.

Yes, our hosting is expensive but it is needed. We could go back to a smaller of the shelf hosting package but these ‘unlimited’ packages aren’t really unlimited as there are lots of websites on the servers and each have ‘unlimited’ features. If you look through their T&C’s they will restrict or ‘throttle’ performance if a website operates consistently above a certain level.

Kilmovee Info was, both operating above this level and was getting throttled which meant the site was becoming unreliable until we moved to this package which yes is probably bigger than we need but gives us a bit of ‘wiggle’ room, greater reliability and room for growth.2016-grth

I continue to monitor what we use and performance but 2016 is proving to be another year of growth as we’re under 4,000 views off 50% of last years total (almost a month ahead). This growth is in no small way due to the 3,000+ photos that are available on the site, the great content that is submitted regularly, event notifications along with requests for assistance from our users. For which I’m extremely grateful.

Costs incurred since September 2009 amount to:

Hosting €1029 (doesn’t inc €260 6 months hosting due in June)

SSL Cert €495

Various Licenses (inc. Theme, forms, event calendar etc.) €539

Promotional (printing, cards, fleece, t-shirts etc) €635

Replacement laptop €465 (diff €388)

Purchase of secondhand camera €450

Replacement camera €740 (diff €250)

Misc. €166 (unknown receipt)

Total: €3952 (cost per day since 20th September 2009 €1.64)

Income since 20th September 2009:

Various donations, contributions and incomes: €2615 (includes the current €490 on Go Fund Me) (includes transaction fees)

As you can see the income is considerably less than the expense (I have rounded the amounts -/+)

That is just the financial status, the time I contribute is voluntary but can mount to 90 hours but not less than 30 hours per month this includes attending events, sorting photos, social media updates, updating the site, writing articles etc.

Now, please don’t get me wrong I totally love running Kilmovee Info, attending events and taking photographs and I’m not looking for a wage or income… but I am looking to ensure that the site pays for it’s self, including repaying my ‘out of pocket’ expense.

I have tried various ideas, subscriptions/memberships, event ticketing, websites, calendars, t-shirts etc. to raise funds but they have been less than successful. I have been asked would a mandatory contribution from clubs, groups etc. work? In truth I don’t know.

embarrassmentWhat I do dislike is asking (begging) for help every 6 months when hosting is due or when something goes wrong with equipment essential to keeping Kilmovee Info running.

If you can help, please do… either via our secure and safe form here or via our Go Fund Me page.

If you haven’t a credit card or don’t like giving details online you can drop/post a contribution into Kilmovee Community Centre, just put it in an envelop mark it FAO Rupert Kilmovee Info (put your name on back/inside if you’d like too)

Not only, is the financial issue a big one but I really would like contributors to assist me in the content, whether it’s news, issues, quizzes, a journal, recipes or a photoblog anything that you would like to share and that would enhance Kilmovee Info (You can choose the level and regularity of content).

Thanks again folks for your time reading this and contributions, and sorry for the long post.