Editors Blog: Postal Disaster – Mayo or Roscommon?

Postal address
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What is An Post up to? Kilmovee is in Mayo right? Wrong…


After living in or around the area I have always put Kilmovee, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Mayo as the postal address but lately. a number of items have been returned and marked ‘undeliverable’ … 


Apparently, we are privileged to have 2 addresses: A Postal & A Geographical one. Why haven’t we been told this, instead of the dreaded sticker of doom and some vague indication of an address to use or just lines through parts of the address.


We have had a number of variations of this, such as: Kilmovee, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Mayo or Kilmovee, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Mayo Roscommon, we have even had the townland crossed out…


So, I looked up a few addresses in Kilmovee on Eircode today to find we have pretty much all got the two aforementioned addresses.


But, even more, confusing was the Kilmovee Community Centre who has 5 addresses!


I guess the lesson is leant, I will be using the Postal Address from now on, even though we remain MAYO!

Have you had any positive or nightmare postal experiences? Why not share them here… Scroll to the bottom of the page to comment.





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@peepso_user_100(Vincent Sherlock) So it looks as if you can be "two places at the same time" after all. I'm going to say we're in Co. Sligo!! Joking aside, this is an issue that should be addressed - pun intended!!
5 months ago