Editors Blog: Please Stop Sending Propaganda


I have thought long and hard about writing this post, but events over the last 24 hours swayed my decision.

I have tried hard to keep Kilmovee Info ‘politics-free’, and over the years we have seen many elections and referendums that I could have had a post or two about, but have refrained.

I have received emails from policial or other groups in the past (and probably will in the future too), who ask for space either paid or not on the site to get their message to you our readers. I have respectfully turned all these down and will continue doing so.

But this referendum I have received an unprecedented amount of emails for one side of the campaign, yesterday alone my inbox was hit seven times by the same side. Somewhere very graphic and quite disturbing. I responded to a number of them with no response, but one got back to me stating it was a ‘religious & moral obligation to inform your readers’, the email continued ‘as a religious country we demand that all religious outlets take a stand, press home the right decision for the women of Ireland’. I responded to this email in my tea break at work with a polite response stating we are a community website and have no policial or religious ties other than what is relevant to our community.

in the evening while checking the site I noticed the comment spam section was filling up… as was my email again, a further five emails with some images that can only be described as disturbing. I have since informed them I am to report this barrage to the Data Commissioner and that all the emails & images were saved from the server and IP addresses have been logged and I will be publishing a post re. their tactics.

The final response I had was “F*** YOU! F*** YOUR SITE! F*** YOUR COMMUNITY” (edited f-word). I have blocked some Irish IP addresses in the Dublin area so apologies if you have had to complete a firewall challenge. I am currently putting all the information together and will send to the Commissioner in the coming days, I am also tightening security on the site, as a precaution.

Kilmovee Info will not be a soundboard for any political campaign – I run the site voluntarily and do not need, want or expect abuse.

And Finally, I would like to offer some advice on staying safe online and protecting yourself from spam, unwanted emails and seeing unwanted posts on facebook.


Legitimate organisations and emails are sent to you after you signed up for them, they will have an ‘opt-out’ link at the bottom when you have had enough. But sometimes you may receive emails from a less than desirable source, the first thing to remember is, do not click links – especially if you don’t know where it has come from!

If the email looks official, you must still be wary. Most companies will not ask you for payment updates or anything important in an email. But, you can do a simple check or two:

If you are using chrome or Gmail if you open the email you can check the address it’s come from by clicking on the little arrow  in the address field. The address will normally be @thecompanyname.com

Links need to be treated with caution unless  you are 100% sure this is genuine – do not click

Fraudsters are making emails look very genuine. If there is an issue with your account services will normally stop or you will get a notification when you’re logged in to your account.

It’s your inbox, be in control of it.


How to block a page, once you block a Page, that Page can no longer interact with your posts or like or reply to your comments. You won’t be able to post on the Page or message the Page. If you like the Page, you’ll unlike and unfollow it

To block a Page:

  • Go to the Page you want to block
  • Click  below the Page’s cover photo
  • Select Block Page
  • Click Confirm

To unblock a Page:

  • Click  in the top right of Facebook and select Settings
  • Click Blocking in the left column
  • In the Block Pages section, click Unblock next to the Page’s name

(While writing this another 2 posts have been received)

Get involved!


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