Why? Why have you changed the format of Kilmovee Info? I don’t like it now!

This is just one email I have received, well, I say tough. I only get comments and ‘input’ when I make a change to encourage use… I would have loved for folks to have input since the start.

I am sorry if that is a little harsh, but I have put 110+% into this website since it’s launch in 2009. I just want you as a community to get involved in the same way as you have embraced it.

Another few words people have said are “they’ll miss it when it’s gone…” well if the numbers don’t pick up again and you don’t start submitting news and info soon, it’ll be gone sooner than you know it.

Again, sorry if this is harsh but I am as I have always been, being brutally honest. I have said that this set up is a year-long trial, however, I am feeling somewhat disappointed and disillusioned and may decide to close the site sooner if things don’t improve soon.

I have also decided that I will only attend events if I am invited by organisers, as it has become assumed I will attend with my camera.

So, folks, this is it…  the final warning, if you cherish the 6500+ photos and the documented news, events and banter you must start to engage, sign up for free today! or Kilmovee Info will be gone… Simple really!

Thank you to those who have offered kind words of support and have opted for the Supporter Membership which will assist the site if it continues into 2019.