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Dry Stone Walling Course A Success

Proudly nestled in the housing estate is a brand new seat, built in the style of the Cashel.

The work of local stonemason Dominic Keogh and his enthusiastic ‘students’ carried out over the last four Saturdays as they took on the traditional building method Dry Stone Walling. Check out the photos below…

Photo courtesy of D.Keogh

Dominic posted to our Facebook page – Some of my amazing participants, our community Centre manager Sheila hunt, and Mairtín from the Educational training board, who funded our project. This has been a brilliant experience for me, and a long-held dream of mine to teach dry stone walling in my fantastic community. Not bad for four days work for beginners!!
Dedicated to the recovery, and hard work of Deirdre King, who worked tirelessly to help me create this project, speedy recovery!!

A huge and special thanks to the kind donator of our building stone, Alex McDonald. The transporter of all of our building stone, Declan Sheil, the donator of our beautiful flagstone seats, Noel Regan, and Ardcarne garden Centre in Boyle for the generous donation of some beautiful alpine plants for the soft top cap!

I popped down to take a look for myself, it looks like it’s been there for years and I hope it will be… Well done to everyone involved.

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