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contribute_moneyI now need to start fundraising in order to keep Kilmovee Info online. I need to move to a hosting package other than the ‘off the shelf’ package site is currently on.

To do this I need to find €480 per year^ (hosting only) to ensure the site remains able to grow at the current rate. This will get us a reliable service and will allow us to reinstate features currently turned off and develop new ideas too.

Recent pictures of Kilmovee from the air were seen by over 5,000 people on our facebook and 2000 people right here on Kilmovee Info and earlier this year we smashed through 11,000 page views in one month, we are currently only 11,700 page views off the number of the whole of last year, a phenomenal amount of visitors to a site for a small village in North East Mayo. We are a big part of the diaspora’s life allowing them to check in and see a little bit of home, 24/7 365 days a year.

I attend as many event as possible with the camera and publish photos* here normally within 24 hours and get news and info published within same time frame, opening Kilmovee to a whole new world.

Why now? Simple really I have personally funded the site for over 5 years with small and very grateful contributions towards some costs, but the site is now maxed out and I am unable to sustain the costs alone.

Please use the secure form below to contribute to the future of Kilmovee Info

WIZZRD - Contact

  • Please use this area to give as much detail as you can. ie. what the problem is with your pc/laptop or what kind of website you're looking to create.
  • Drop files here or
    You can upload screenshots etc. to assist.

Or via Paypal


^other costs not included

*over 2700 photos available

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