With so many events & each event reaching record numbers one fact always alarms me…there are not enough from Kilmovee/Kilkelly there & more often than not no one.

As someone that was a complete novice to cycling or duathlons only 6 years ago, I also know it can be quite daunting.  There are many fools’ guides to your first event that more often than not only serves a purpose to the authors C.V. but here are a few tips that I hope just one new person takes on board & see their name on a results sheet from the Parish.

Everyone is there to help… people may see event organisers or the sign in crew under

Minister for Sport Michael Ring presents Jerry Towey with Yellow Jersey

pressure but there is always one golden rule there is no such thing as a stupid question.  Everyone has learned by making their own mistakes from the guys that look like they have it won before it starts to people that you think will never get around it.  I’m not getting into the high complex carbohydrate meal the evening before & the low GI breakfast debate…just get a good night’s sleep & this is best done when you have everything packed the night before.  You are there to enjoy your day so get signed in early keep the water sipped & get the all important cup of coffee with friends, some of which you have yet to meet.  Race pins are never a big load to carry and as for worrying about bike check it’s just that bike & helmet are in good condition, it won’t end up on a UCI gig for the geometry of your position.  If you keep an eye on the website or facebook page there is always first class info from parking to weather conditions for the event.  Take on board ALL the information (this is the key) especially race briefings & you and everyone around you will be safe as houses.

As much as you are tempted when you see the bike of your dreams don’t touch it, lift it to feel the weight of it or even sneeze in the direction of it as the owner has gone to hell & back for it & it probably costs more than your car.  I’ve been lucky enough to race abroad & at home in pressured environments & you will learn anyone with headphones on leave them alone…it is an internationally recognised symbol to f**k off! All thought they may look they have the answers to all your questions this is not a good time to ask them anything & riders can  be ratty just before the gun (guilty of this myself).   Just because you have punched in a few weeks on the astro turf, spinning or the gym don’t attempt to hold someone else’s pace. Your County medal that you won back in the day won’t save you getting your arse handed to you if you go up the road with the big guns.  It’s just you & the clock!   In fact other than over thinking the event they are the only three don’ts & three that could be very humiliating if you don’t take on board.

Ballinrobe Duathlon on Saturday February 11th is a picturesque 5k run, a pan flat 18k cycle followed by a 3.5 k run & it would be great to see a few Kilmovee/Kilkelly heads there running down that clock.  Ballaghaderreen CC may be able to fix you up with a cyclist or I might pull someone into it if you want to do a relay effort. Regardless your own effort is your own effort. I will say it again it’s just you and the clock as the only thing you can control is to stop it ticking! Info can be found on Ireland west duathlon series, Ballinrobe Duathlon or Western Lakes face book pages.  They are a friendly lot in Ballinrobe that more or less adopted me & although the big guns will be there on Sat 11TH Feb the event is geared towards novice & new comers!…..what’s the worst that can happen???

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Sean Keane in Kilmovee