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Find out more and get directions to venues in and around Kilmovee click on the three lines on map (top left corner) if we’ve missed anything please get in touch

You decide on your level of involvement , whether it’s sending photos, telling us about events or news, or telling your story, etc…

Kilmovee Info is looking for people to get involved and be our eyes and ears in the local community.

We are always happy to hear from you – whether it is something that you would like to see listed on the site, something that you would like to add or something that you think that we could be doing better!!

Don’t forget to invite Kilmovee Info to your event also, I’d be pleased to attend, take some photo’s and publish a small write up too!

The site is growing and your event will benefit from free publicity!

Please select what you’re getting in touch about from the drop down in the first part of the form so information you send us can be dealt with correctly.

Without you your site would be fairly empty!

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