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Congratulations to Gary Thornton – Marathon Man

First Place in the 2018 World Marathon Challenge.

Who is Gary Thornton? I hear you saying…

Well, he is a teacher from Galway, so why are we congratulating him?

Gary is the current champion, course record and the Micheal McDonnell Sheild holder of the Kilmovee 10k. So now it makes sense.

Source: Facebook/World Marathon Challenge

And, now the Galway runner has beaten international competitors to claim first place in a series of marathon races around the world.

The experienced runner who has won marathons in both the North and South Poles in the past, the Galway primary school teacher spent the past week taking part in the World Marathon Challenge.

In total, athletes run 295km and their total times are added together to crown a winner. Incredibly, Gary has been named overall men’s champion for 2018 after remarkably finishing first place in each of the seven races.

The final leg was held in Miami late last night and here are all of the Galway City Harriers man’s times:

Source: Facebook/World Marathon Challenge
  • Novo: 2.58.39
  • Cape Town: 3.06.55
  • Perth: 2.59.55
  • Dubai: 3.04.29
  • Lisbon: 3.19.28
  • Cartagena: 3.35.31
  • Miami: 3.21.19
Winning the Kilmovee 10k 2017 after been chased down by wild horses was the making of him… 😀

Challenge Yourself...

The Kilmovee 10k has gone from strength to strength over the past 8 years, with a unique course and legendary hospitality it’s easy to see why.

Don’t forget to represent your school/college as a teacher or student, by opting into the Michael McDonnell Memorial Sheild a FREE addition to the main race.

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