Kilmovee 10k

    Photos: Kilmovee 10k – Presentations & Post Race Hospitality

    As we draw to a close our coverage of the 10th #kilmovee10k we remember that there is a serious side to this event... The FOOD afterwards... and my oh my, there was some serious grub on offer! It's no surprise that the Kilmovee 10k hospitality is now legendary! Some friendly faces to dish it out too. Thank you to everyone who brought something along, those who...

    Photos: Kilmovee 10k 2019 – Finish Line – Final Part

    I promise folks we are nearly at an end of the photos... This is the Final Part of the pictures at the Finish Line, as I said before I apologise if I didn't get you & apologies if I did... 😛 Took a day off almost, without my camera and still ended up taking loads of photos at the Veteran & Vintage Car show in Breaffy...

    Photos: Kilmovee 10k 2019 – Finish Line – Part 6

    The comprehensive coverage of the 10th #kilmovee10k continues on Kilmovee Info Nowhere will you see such a full range of photos of the Kilmovee 10k, but next year will be different... as Kilmovee Info is set to close this September 🙁 After 10 years, I am hanging up my mouse on this site. I will still be attending the #kilmovee10k and snapping away but will have to...

    Photos: Kilmovee 10k – Finish Line – Part 5

    I have tried to capture as many finishers as I can, but it's just not possible at the line to get everyone... A group might finish together, someone crosses in front of the camera... (sorry to the lady who was introduced to my lens, I hope you're ok) But, I feel it is important to get as many of you as possible... not to show you...

    Photos: Kilmovee 10k 2019 – Finish Line – Part 4

    Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin' runnin', runnin', runnin' Jogging & walking... April 20th 2019, when Kilmovee (parish population circa 450) saw almost 700 people participate in the 10th #kilmovee10k The lap record still stands at 32mins with this years winner Ray Hynes missing out by just 30 seconds... Now if that isn't a challenge for next year I don't know what is... But, it's not all about records,...
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