Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 6th October

    Mass to be aired on RTE - 3rd November broadcast from RTE Studios in Donnybrook. As numbers are limited, it is hoped we can do our best to represent the parish at this special event. There are very clear regulations set by RTE and these include a choir of up to 27 members, 5 musicians and a congregation of up to 24 (total 56). There will...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 29th September

    Our parish will celebrate Mass on RTE TV, Radio and Internet on Sunday, November 3rd at 11 am. Mass will be broadcast from RTE Studios in Donnybrook. The studio accommodates 56 people, including choir and five or six musicians. Kilkelly Choir will co-ordinate the hymns for the Mass. There should be room in the choir for some additional members for this Parish Mass, so if...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 22nd September

    On Friday, I was in Kilmovee School for a short Prayer Service. This focused on the infant class - four girls - but involved the entire school community and the parents/grandparents of the new class. It was a lovely gathering and I was happy to be there. I noticed a little video clip on Twitter on Friday morning and I mentioned it in the school. It...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 15th September

    This story is found among other stories shared in this weekend’s gospel passage. It is a story well known to us and one, that many can identify with, having lost animals from their farms and fields. The search is intense and usually involves neighbours who are asked to help in the search. There is no denying the rejoicing when an animal is found safe and well....

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 8th September

    The shadow of the cross is never too far away from any of us. Seldom is it deserved and never is it welcome. The Lord didn’t embrace it either. It was laid on his shoulders and he journeyed and, indeed, fell beneath its weight. Along the way, he received support - the forced support of Simon and the undoubted kindness of Veronica. His mother’s presence too,...
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