Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 10th November

    Everyone thought … that someone else was doing it! When we were in Dublin last Sunday, one of the things I noticed was that everyone seemed to have a job and the part played was very important. The director was a long way off, in a different studio, but was in constant contact with the floor-manager who, in turn, engaged with the cameraman and woman. Another...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 3rd November

    At this time of year, we remember, in prayer and faith, all gone before us. The names listed on the front of this week’s bulletin and on the Boards of Remembrance in our four churches are the names of those whose funerals took place in the parish from November 2018 until now. Should any name have been omitted, please know this is an oversight and will...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 27th October

    She asked me ... “When are confessions in the parish?” It wasn’t an unreasonable question but the answer wasn’t overly-helpful. “Anytime you want” and then I added “but we don’t really have a set time in the parish”. This is the case, of course, but when asked that question, I feel a tinge of guilt since I often think about this but still haven’t quite...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 20th October

    There will be a Training Session for Kilmovee Altar Servers in Kilmovee Church on Saturday, October 26th, at 11.00am. It should last no longer than one hour and we ask parents to accompany the boys and girls. Many thanks to all who are involved in this ministry in the parish. We are indeed lucky and blessed to have so many of you involved. 20th October 2019 Don't forget...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 13th October

    How easily we can overlook saying thanks. It’s such a small word but its meaning far outweighs its size. We ought never miss an opportunity to say thanks to another for, even the most simple act of kindness. To do so, is a-kin to taking another or a kindness shown for granted and, if we want to know how that makes a person feel, the test...
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