Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 30th December

    Dear Friends, As we approach the end of another year and mark the Feast Day of The Holy Family, may I thank you, one and all for your kindness and support during the past twelve months. It has been the first full year as a “one priest” parish and you have helped in no small way to make that easier than it otherwise might have...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 23rd December

    He was found dead. People spoke with genuine sorrow and more than a little regret. He kept to himself. He’d moved from England. He used sit on a park bench and some would say hello to him. His little house seemed so small on the evening news. The houses around looked bigger but the TV camera is focused on his. He’s not there anymore. Someone...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 16th December

    She had mentioned it to him before but for some reason brought it up again: “You really should clean out the shed.” He agreed and said he had been putting it off for a while but with the census happening and the pressure they would be under in the days to come, he felt she was right. It was only fair to the few animals...

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 9th December

    Don’t just count the “shopping days” til Christmas. Give some thought to the “stopping days” as well! Time to “stop” and take stock … Time to reflect a little, pray a little and prepare. We have what it takes We have the Kilmovee parish bulletin for you to download, it is in PDF format so you may need a reader such as Adobe (others available).

    Kilmovee Parish Bulletin – 2nd December

    Isn’t it so hard to wait? We are forever impatient with waiting, be at a traffic light, in a queue or at a supermarket checkout. How much more difficult to wait when we are looking forward to something! How many times have we heard from the lips of a child that he or she is six-and-a -half or better again, “nearly seven”. It doesn’t end...
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