Well this seems to be a regular feature in the news lately, either boasting or roasting the infrastructure…

I was kind of horrified to see the margin of difference around the country, yet I was surprised with myself for being so.

Sat here feeling sorry for myself after a nasty bout of the flu, I took a look at the new ‘Switcher.ie’ survey and saw speeds of 11+Mbs being achieved in Mayo I started to wonder if the government had overnight upgraded the network, sadly I was wrong.

As you can see normal service has resumed with, speeds slower than the slowest place Legan in Longford and for those of you who have followed my previous posts on Broadband speeds this is more accurate than the ‘average’ Switcher claim Mayo receives. speedtest

In fact some of you have sent speeds even slower.

I would like to know where Switcher tested, I can guess, Ballina, Castlebar and other urban areas that may have fixed line broadband…

So this is not an accurate picture of broadband in rural Ireland. 

In fact when downloading the two infographics below it took over 35 minutes, so I am now going to use the embed code.

The first image below is the average speeds around Ireland…

The second is the top 5 and the worse 5 performing areas….

The uneven range of broadband services reveals the scale of the challenge facing the Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP), which is still at the procurement stage.

The National Broadband Plan sets out that broadband with speeds of at least 30Mbps should be available across Ireland. However, as it stands only 25% of tests had speeds of 30Mbps or more. The average speed across all speed tests taken was 23.75 Mbps.

The scheme aims to connect 927,000 homes and premises across rural Ireland to a high-speed network by 2022.

In my opinion the needs of 2022, will be far more advanced than in 2016 and speeds of 30Mbs in 6 years will be similar to those being achieved today… useless!

The government, Minister(s) and providers are looking for a slow ‘quick fix’ without future-proofing the infrastructure which will be obsolete before it gets up and running.

Go crazy and test your speed on the Switcher website and share your results in the comments below maybe a more accurate picture will be formed 

Just in case images above wont load, because of the slow broadband speeds