Are Speed Limits Suitable?

Do speed limits need to be reviewed?

Last night Sunday (12th August) I received a notification from the Kilmovee Info Facebook page about a visitor post.

It talks about the speed limit in Ballinrumpa and how it is having a negative impact on a resident. I know there are still people who do not use Facebook so here is the post for you to read:


It sparked a little bit of a debate, so I thought I’d put a poll up this morning, here.  Here is a more in-depth poll that you don’t have to be a member of Facebook to vote in:

I like the some of us have pushed the limit, but agree that single track roads with an 80KpH limit is crazy. Cars are becoming safer and faster which gives us a little more confidence but humans, cattle and pets are not evolving at the same rate, if we get hit at 80KpH we will more than likely suffer life-changing injuries.

This topic maybe something that the Kilmovee Community Council and other organisations within Kilmovee could get together with and get addressed by Mayo County Council and the Gardai.

You can have your say in the polls, get in touch with us and attend the next Community Council meeting (tba).



Get involved!


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