Advance Notice Warning From Water Scheme

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Kilmovee / Urlaur Group Water Scheme has issued an advanced boil notice.

As part of a major upgrade to the system and following consultation from Mayo County Council, members are asked to boil water, used for drinking & food preparation as a precautionary measure from 8th August 2017.

The boil notice will remain in place for at least 10 weeks. We ask you to please share this post to ensure everyone becomes aware.

Water must be boiled for:

  • Drinking;
  • Drinks made with water;
  • Preparation of salads and similar foods, which are not cooked prior to eating;
  • Brushing of teeth;
  • Making of ice.
  • Prepare infant feeds with tap water that has been brought to the boil once and cooled.  Do not use water that has been re-boiled several times.  If bottled water is used for the preparation of infant feeds it should be boiled once and cooled.  If you are using bottled water for preparing baby food, be aware that some natural mineral water may have high sodium content.  Look at the label for sodium or `Na’ and check its level is not higher than 200mg per litre.  If the content is higher, then it is advisable to use a different type of bottled water.  If no other water is available, then use this water for as short a time as possible.  It is important to keep babies hydrated.
  • Water can be used for personal hygiene, bathing and flushing of toilets but not for brushing teeth or gargling.
  • Boil water by bringing to a vigorous, rolling boil and allow to cool.  Cover and store in a refrigerator or cold place. Water from the hot tap is not safe to drink.
  • Domestic water filters will not render water safe to drink.
  • Caution should be taken when bathing children to ensure that they do not swallow the bathing water.
  • Discard ice cubes in fridges and freezers and filtered water in fridges.  Make ice from cooled boiled water.
  • Use water prepared for drinking when preparing foods that will not be cooked (e.g. washing salads).

Kilmovee / Urlaur GWS regrets the inconvenience caused but believes the upgrade will benefit the community & users for many years to come. Please keep an eye on local media for further news.

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