Para cyclist Jerry Towey will attempt to push himself to the limit of his capacity.

On a stationary cycle challenge to replicate the distance from Drogheda to Ballaghaderreen  a mere 176k and try and complete it inside 5 hours (It takes almost 3 hours in the car or over 9 hours on Bike). 

To say the task is grueling is an understatement, imagine spending that time on a indoor gym spinning bike??

The heat, the aches and the cramped up position will all take its effect.

So far we have had huge Support for Keith’s fundraiser the Spin & Tune for Keith. On the day we hope as many people as possible come along and support this unique challenge on 30th June in Toweys Topaz Forecourt from 1pm.

Let’s do the Maths

The mammoth task will entail Jerry holding an average speed of 35.2 Km per hour to cover the 176Km.  Towey who is all about power is known to push a big gear but would still he need to be pushing an average of 85rpm which is a massive 51000 pedal strokes, at a heart rate of between 145-163 beats per minute this is a staggering 44000 beats give or take…

How much energy will he burn?

A work out of this type will usually burn at least  700 calories per hour so about 3500-4000 calories which is about twice the daily food intake for a man.

How much water will he drink?

Jerry will need to drink approx a litre of fluid every hour but because the challenge is stationary with no wind to cool Jerry down he will need extra ice water to pour over his boiling body, and a couple of people to mop up all his sweat …

We hope to broadcast some of the challenge live on facebook, so check in and get the live updates throughout the day on 

Jerry has treated this like the real thing with estimate times set that he has to reach for various milestones along the way like the Towns on route and crossing county boundaries etc.

Jerry has been working with his coach Padraig Marrey, the Ballinrobe man has huge expertise in challenge bids as he still holds the Mizen to Malin Record doing it in 17hrs 49 mins. World record holder for climbs up and down Croagh Patrick to name a few.

Marrey reckons holding the high average speed for such a long time in a fixed position “will take its toll on Jerry”, on the road the body gets breaks when on the flat and descends but fixed to the stationary cycle is “pure torture“, but knowing Jerry’s mindset “I believe he will rise to the challenge.”

But its no easy challenge and its going to be tight and extremely painful. We would challenge any sportsperson to come along and match Jerry for 30 minutes, any takers?

This effort is all about raising money for Keith so come along to Towey Topaz Forecourt in Ballaghaderreen on Friday 30th June from 1pm.

We will be live on Facebook and you can still donate to this worthy cause on the day in Toweys Topaz, come that night to hear Johnny Towey playing in the Four Ways or donate online with our secure system on

With special thanks to Padraig Marrey for this insight into this challenge.

Media and press enquiries can be made to & we’ll pass onto the committee who will be in touch